Sound Therapy

Sound Therapy

“Acutonics, n. 1.” System of vibrational sound healing rooted in Oriental Medicine and philosophy that utilizes tuning forks and symphonic gongs tuned to the planets, Tibetan bowls, bells, drums, and rattles. Connecting body, mind, and soul in the journey toward optimal health, harmonic attunement or at-one-ment with all things in the Universe. 2. The integral way, undifferentiated wholeness, the essence of Tao.

The “Acutonics” Healing System® is a non-invasive treatment modality that uses a variety of sound tools – including planetary tuning forks, hand chimes, gongs, – to access the body’s meridian and chakra energy systems. Based on the ancient principle that music and sound are powerful healing tools, Acutonics applies sound to acupuncture points to promote healing on a deep cellular level.

In Acutonics, the vibrational tones created by the tuning forks and other instruments resonate with both the cycles of nature and the sound energy created by the planets.

Listening to tuning forks specifically calibrated to the harmonic frequencies of each planet within our solar system, opens, stimulates, and balances the body’s own energy pathways.

If you consider how different types of music can excite, calm or inspire us, you can begin to understand the impact of harmonic sound on the body. In Acutonics, the vibrational tones created with sound tools resonate with the music created by the planets. Connecting the body to this type of sound energy helps promote healing, balance, and inner harmony.

Benefits may include:

  • Relief from stress and chronic pain (back, shoulder, neck, etc.)
  • Being grounded and connected
  • Feeling more balanced and relaxed
  • Increased energy and greater vitality
  • Inner peace and harmony
  • Insomnia
  • Endocrine imbalances
  • Spiritual awareness to yourself and nature

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