Mayan Light Language

Mayan Light Language

Mayan Light Language is one of the oldest forms of energy work, having been brought down through generations of Mayans and Aztecs. Its method employs sacred geometry shapes along with color, which are placed in grid templates and paired with a concise “title” statement to accomplish a given objective.

Types of grids that can be written include:

  • Personal chakra grids to balance your system
  • Stationary grids for your home, land or business
  • 49-shape grids for objectives that typically include percentages (e.g. Sally Smith’s salary increases by 15% or greater by January 31, 2012.)
  • 144-shape grids for situations that require more geometric shapes to accomplish a complex task (e.g. health situation)
  • Eternal mobius/3D grid for multi-level expansion for your life or business.

Because the body intuitively understands the geometric language, it forms a direct connect with these symbols in the grid template and executes your desired title statement.

At Elements of Energy, we (Shari and Wayne) are practitioners of Mayan Light Language, and we can help you understand how it can be applied to your every day life. By combining the shapes, and the right colors into various grid templates, we can help your body connect with the vibrations that deliver greater balance, health, and peace within your life or your business.

If you want to learn more about how Wayne uses Mayan Light Language please visit his blog.  There is great information on the type of grids and stories of how he uses the language in everyday life.

Mayan Light Language can be used in almost any setting for both people and pets.

Benefits may include:

  • Assistance with illness recovery
  • Greater educational / business performance
  • Establishing harmony within the body
  • Enrichment of personal and business relationships
  • Provide a wellness path for your body
  • Eases digestive, respiratory or circulatory problems
  • Enhance your personal wealth
  • Enhances effects of nutritional supplements

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