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Other Helpful Products


Aromawear - Elegant jewelry collection and accessories (business card holders) that integrates the power of essential oils with classic jewelry designs in gold and silver.

Life wave Products - Anti-aging, Pain relief, Better Sleep and Improved Energy.  My Distributor Number is:  737885

Planetary Tuning Forks/Gongs by Auctonics- Please call (301.854.0403) or e-mail Shari for more information


Dr. Melissa Shelton, DVM specializing in Young Living Essential Oils for Animals and her membership website: Animal Desk Reference. Cost per month is $27.95; $335.40/year [For many this could be the price of one vet visit!]

Herbal Smith - Chinese herbs that naturally support pets in all walks of life.  Please call (301.854.0403) or e-mail Shari for more information



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