Dr. Oz Summer Times Tips to Keep you Having Fun in the Sun!

Beaches can be fun...but be mindful of the water quality

Dr. Oz latest Summer Time tips video (length 4 minutes) speaks about heat exhaustion, swimming pools and beaches, and poison ivy.  Great information to ensure you can enjoy your summer to the fullest.

Heat Exhaustion

  • Is serious and it cannot only effect people but pets too!  The Mayo Clinic has a great quick reference guide to help you know the warning signs, and when to call 911 to prevent Heat Exhaustion turning into Heat Stroke.  One of the take away’s for me, was medications such as blood pressure and summer time alcohol drinking can be a contributing factor to people being more prone to Heat Stroke.
  • For our animal friends Dr. Becker, DVM has helpful tips in her article about animals and Heat Stroke.  Animals often have problems when left in a car during the summer months and the owner thinks – I ‘m only popping into to the store for a few minutes and don’t realize how quickly the heat can rise in a car!  Dr. Melissa Shelton, who uses Young Living Essential oils, recommends that your first aid kit should have the essential oil of peppermint.  In the case of Heat Stroke you should apply Young Living peppermint essential oil to the ear flaps and paws and get your dog to the vet immediately.  Since I am not a doctor, I cannot say for sure if the essential oil of peppermint would be good for people.  However, my “gut” feeling is that would have a similar effect. I would be applying it on the bottom of the feet to help and getting the person medical care as soon as possible.

Swimming Pools and Beaches

  • Everyone enjoys a “dip” in the pool, lake and ocean.  However the chlorine in the pool might not be strong enough to deal with E. coli that comes from children swimming in the pool.  Children can have “accidents” and the fecal matter ends up in the water.  Unfortunately, our oceans and lakes aren’t as pristine as they use to be.  Sewage treatment plants can be just down the road, major storms can upset in the environment and release toxic substance that were under control.
  • Good hygiene is a helpful way to manage this exposure and using Young Living Products such as Thieves soap, and cleaner are natural ways to work with what mother nature dishes out, and not harm the environment too.
Poison Ivy
  • I use to be able to fetch the baseball out of the poison ivy patch and not have any problems, but as I’ve aged this has changed.  I am extremely careful now because, one winter I got poison ivy from some wood that I was carrying into the house to make a fire in the wood stove.  So, I appreciate Dr. Oz pointing out that you can get poison ivy months later due to the “poison ivy resin” that is left behind on garden tools, wood, and yes your pet’s fur too!
  • There are many approaches to how to deal with poison ivy and poison oak.  I prefer to take a more natural approach.  I have several tools in my tool basket, and I will “check-in” energetically to see what one will work best.  Listed below are some ways that I have used to help with this pesky plant.  However, if the poison ivy gets out of control, your doctor is your best friend, and you should seek medical care!
  • Shair’s tool box includes:
    • HomeopathyKitchen Cabinet remedies, and even plant known as Jewel weed can help.

      Apple Cider Vinegar to the rescue!

    • A Young Living friend has written a great blog on “Camping.” There is a great section on dealing with all the “Ivys” by using Young Living Essential oils and products.  I love the idea of using Young Livings “Ultra Tooth paste” to dry up poison ivy!
I trust that these summer times tips and education will help you enjoy all that summer has to offer. Be prepared, keep a first aid kit handy, and if needed remember to check-in with your doctor.
There will be one more post on Summer Time tips…so stay tuned.
Wellness advocate for People and Animals ~shari




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Dr Oz Summer Time Tips – BUGS

I love Dr. Oz and his down to earth information.  In his latest series “Summer Time Tips” he walks you thru all your summer time concerns.  His first segment, and top number one concern by his viewers was “BUGS.”  Which for me is a subject near and dear to my heart.

Mosquitoes LOVE me and I welt up so bad after each bite.  Bees and wasps always seem to find me too, and their sting sets off a nasty infection that if not treated quickly, I will end up at the hospital.  And, lastly we have dogs and a cat, so there is always a concern for fleas and ticks on them and in our home.

This 5-minute video by Dr Oz is loaded with lots of common sense information.  I personally would not use products that have “DEET” in them.  For two reasons – First my experience with DEET is that I go extremely sick after using it when we were in Hawaii for a vacation as we visited the botanical gardens.  Second, is that it is starting to have effects on the enviroment.

I did like the information on how to properly remove a tick – and his visual presentation of tick removal was great.  Over my life time I have removed plenty of ticks from my dogs, husband and myself.  I recently learned that when you put “liquids or other products” on ticks that they regurgitate their saliva and that can lead to “tick borne” illness…wow that was news to me!

I’m always looking for products to help my clients  - I know many folks hate the process of removing ticks from their dogs and get really uptight from removing ticks from their family members too.  I found this innovative product that removes the ticks with a simple twisting motion.  After watching the video, I like the concept and will order a few for the home, car and first aid kit – in fact I think I will get some for my office too to share with my clients.

As a Holistic healer,  I use Young Living Essential Oils and Supplements to keep the bugs at bay.  By changing my vibration with the essential oils and checking in each season with the bug’s vibration I am able to custom blend spray(s) that keeps the bugs at bay for myself and whole family.

If you are looking for a new way to enjoy the outdoors without using chemical products…that is virtually ”bug free” give me a call to discuss your vibrational needs and I will make a custom blend for you and your family!


Like to read more…New York Department of Health has some good information on ticks and repellants.

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Caring for Rigel

Well, this on again off again blogging…is now on….again.  Hopefully this time I will stick with it.  I think Rigel’s story will keep me going….

I’ve spoken to so many people about their senior pets, that I feel I need to share all the tips and tricks that has helped us care for Rigel.  Each dog is a teacher, and the human gets to learn something new each time one enters your life.

Mom...must I wear this?

Rigel has a host of issues, and I am grateful for his treatment team.  Yesterday (3/13/12) we discovered a mass on his spleen.  He is twelve and I know that for English Setters this is a good number because the average life expectancy is 10-13 years.  So we feel blessed!

For the past year, our home has been set-up kinda like an assisted living facility for senior pets.  For many people the last years of life are often filled with “how can I care for them,” “am I doing what is best for my pet,” “how do we manage the $$’s,” and oh ya..how do we deal with caregiver burn out!

I will share what I know, what Rigel has taught us, and where my dearest husband has provided valuable insight and knowledge that sometimes has escaped all of us including his treatment team.

Where to start? Rigel’s say mom that easy…finding a good treatment team, tell them about that!  So stay tuned for the next post!

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Norovirus…Young Living Essential Oils to the Rescue?

Powerful ways to deal with bacteria and viruses

"Clean Sweep...keeping germs at bay"

As a studying clinical aromatherapist I am always seeking ways to use therapeutic quality essential oils to help the world we live in.

Listening to the news from the TODAY show, there were two segments on the out break of the Norovirus on Cruise Ships and  College Campuses.  According to the CDC one of the best ways to prevent the spread of this virus is to do the following:

  • Proper Hand Hygiene, wash hands often
  • Disinfect contaminated areas (all surfaces) with BLEACH
  • Proper food handing, wash food before use; people who are sick should NOT prepare food

Humm..could Young Living Essential Oils be the answer to minimizing and even preventing the spread of Norovirus?

Young Living has a wonderful product line called Thieves.  Listed below are some of the products that I use in the home, office and when I go traveling.

The CDC article indicated that alcohol-based hand cleaners were not effective in controlling this virus and that frequent hand washing is a MUST.

Young Living has two products that would be ideal for hand sanitization.  Thieves foaming soap can be used to wash the hands without drying them and Thieves hand sanitizer for “on-the-go” situations.  I personally keep the hand sanitizer in my purse and car…never without it!  I also use the foaming hand soap not only to wash my hands but to wash my fruit and veggies.

Now for cleaning surfaces the Thieves Household cleaner would be in my opinion a much better choice that washing everything down with bleach.  It Thieves cleaner smells wonderful, cleans well, been shown to reduce MRSA (See foot note), cost effective and eco-friendly to boot!

As for the virus in the air I would be diffusing Young Living Thieves essential oils in the air with a diffuser that is non-water based.

By diffusing Thieves essential oil blend for 15–30 minutes in your home, office, dorm room, healthcare facility, hospital, daycare centers, hotel room or even a cruise ship would be a great way to help minimize airborne bacteria.

The reason that I endorse Young Living Products as a student of Aromatherapy, is that Young Living makes my work easier for me as a student.  I know that Young Living harvests their product at the right time, distills the essential oil according to the specification for that plant, plant materials are sourced from unpolluted areas of the world, verifies product with chemical testing and respects the plants so that there will be sustainability for future generations.

This information is presented to EDUCATE…not to diagnose, treat, other otherwise take the place of traditional medical care.  Please ALWAYS consult with appropriate healthcare practitioners.



Inhibition of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) by essential oils

John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.

Sue Chao,1* Gary Young,1 Craig Oberg2 and Karen Nakaoka2

Inhibition of MRSA by essential oils

1     Young Living Essential Oils, Lehi, UT, USA 2       Department of Microbiology, Weber State University, Ogden, UT, USA

Received 15 January 2008; Revised 20 June 2008; Accepted 7 August 2008

ABSTRACT:  Ninety-one essential oils, each distilled from a single plant source, and 64 blended essential oils obtained from a commercial source were screened using the disc diffusion assay for inhibitory activity against methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA). Of the 91 single essential oils, 78 exhibited zones of inhibition against MRSA, with lemongrass, lemon myrtle, mountain savory, cinnamon and melissa essential oils having the highest levels of inhibition. Of 64 blended essential oils, 52 exhibited inhibitory activity against MRSA, with R.C. (a combination of myrtle, Eucalyptus globulus, Eucalyptus australiana, Eucalyptus radiata, marjoram, pine, cypress, lavender, spruce, peppermint and Eucalyptus citriodora oils), Motivation (a combination of Roman chamomile, ylang ylang, spruce and lavender oils) and Longevity (a combination of frankincense, clove, orange and thyme oils) blended essential oils having the highest inhibitory activity. These results indicate that essential oils alone and in combination can inhibit MRSA in vitro. Application of these results may include the potential use of essential oils as an alternative therapy for various diseases sustained by S. aureus MRSA.

Copyright © 2008 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.



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Shari’s 411 Blog

Welcome to Shari’s 411 Blog…..

Ok…this is my second attempt at blogging, my original blog site was difficult to manage because I didn’t understand how all this “stuff” worked in the “Virtual World of the Internet.”  Not wanting to give up, I reached out to folks that could help me build my confidence, teach me in a way that I could grasp the material, plus allowing myself the opportunity to fail and brush myself off and start again.  BIG thank you’s go to Anita Hicks of Virtual Assistance by Anita and Glenn Garnes of the Village Connector – The “Good News” on-line newspaper in Maryland.

With a fresh sheet of paper in front of me…Shari’s 411 blog starts again. So what will you find here?  As 411 implies – Information on all kinds of topics that I find interesting, what’s happening in the world, and things that make me make me want to take a stand.  And yes, there will be information about the work that I do as a Holistic Practitioner, the clients that I serve and  products that I feel can be of benefit to you, your family and your pets.

I look forward to sharing and I trust that you will tag along with me and provide me feedback on the topics I blog about!


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