Shari Sternberger

About Shari


As a holistic practitioner, I have over 10+ years of Healing Touch experience, and 7 or more years in executing various energetic techniques from the other modalities that I practice. The philosophy of the way I live and work is deeply rooted in realizing the oneness of all living beings. When working with clients – whether people, their companion animals, or plants – my philosophy is reflected in uniting clients with universal energy. I eagerly educate clients on the benefits of holistic approaches not only for their own benefit, but also for that of their pets and plants.

In 2006, I founded Elements of Energy to bring natural health services to the people near me in Clarksville and Columbia, Maryland and Howard and Montgomery counties. Today, my natural health services extend to clients across the country and around the world.

My passion lies in helping clients find clarity and balance, and deepening that connection within every facet of their lives – work, home, family and friends. It is my experience that people of all ages can benefit from holistic healing, and many of my clients have experienced profound results.

What can you expect when working with me?

I will work with you to balance your energy, optimize your body, and nurture your spirit. In addition, I will help you to develop a greater awareness of your body’s rhythms, natural tendencies, and responses to various internal and external elements. I am here to support you in learning and trusting your body. My goal is to gently guide you into knowing when your body is at its best and when it is out of sync and signaling for help.

Vibrationally yours,


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