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Healing Services

Elements of Energy offers a variety of energy work services that will help you arrive at a more balanced physical and mental state. Considering the nature of complementary and alternative health practices, we recommend that you first consult your physician or veterinarian before undergoing any energy work treatments.

As a premier source for energy work, Elements of Energy is fully engaged in many areas of complementary and alternative health, and is prepared to assist you in restoring and improving your health. Energy work can be beneficial to people of all ages from young children to the elderly, and is even helpful to those in the corporate arena. Here, we have listed some of the ways in which complementary and alternative health services can support people and pets:

Energy work for the family:

  • Babies: One of the best ways to calm a baby’s nervous system, as well as strengthen their respiratory, circulatory, and gastrointestinal functions is through Healing Touch This energy-based therapy communicates healing by establishing an environment of safety and harmony.
  • Children: Scientists have found that diffusing a scent while children are studying can help the brain retain the things that it learns. Aromatherapy can help your children increase their educational performance and get better grades.
  • Moms: Complementary services can help moms reduce tiredness, increase alertness and concentration, reduce postnatal blues, and support all the changes within the body, so they can focus on meeting their needs as well as their child’s.
  • Stress is often one of the “gateways” for having your body become out of balance.  Learn simple techniques and tools that can help keep the stress in your life under control.
  • I love to engage in competitive sports – Learn how energy work can help you have the “edge” for yourself or your team.

Energy work for pets:

  • How do I successfully integrate “natural pet care” options with traditional veterinary care?  Learn how to start a conversation with your veterinarian, or find a veterinarian who is more in “alignment” with your holistic point of view.
  • How do I care for my senior dog – what can I do to make his remaining years more comfortable?  Learn simple things your whole family can do to make the last part of these years together memorable.
  • When animals act out, it is often because humans around them are experiencing an imbalance. Animals absorb this energy and can become irritable or sick. With complementary and alternative health treatments, you will learn how to create a nurturing and harmonious relationship with your pet. Animals will be more calm at home, more relaxed at the vet, and able to recover more soundly from surgeries and other traumas.
  • I am considering a new companion animal and I want to start his/her care using a more natural approach.  Learn what’s new in food, training, vaccinations, and doggie daycare options.

Energy Work for your Business:

  • Yes, more and more companies are incorporating “Energy Work” into their business.
    • Learn how to deliver a more heart-centred presentations to your clients or employees to get your message about your product, service, or companies’ vision.
    • Learn how to energetically set the environment for successful meetings.
    • Remodeling your office?  Did you know that what colors you select could make a difference in how your employees work together or how your clients feel about your company.
    • Conferences rooms are a powerful place where many important deals are made – do you have the right environment for a productive meeting?
    • Enlightened  business companies are offering education about “Healthy Ways” to deal with stress; which in turn helps with less “sick days.”  Invite me out to share information to help your employees lead a more balance life.

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