Caring for Rigel

Well, this on again off again blogging…is now on….again.  Hopefully this time I will stick with it.  I think Rigel’s story will keep me going….

I’ve spoken to so many people about their senior pets, that I feel I need to share all the tips and tricks that has helped us care for Rigel.  Each dog is a teacher, and the human gets to learn something new each time one enters your life.

Mom...must I wear this?

Rigel has a host of issues, and I am grateful for his treatment team.  Yesterday (3/13/12) we discovered a mass on his spleen.  He is twelve and I know that for English Setters this is a good number because the average life expectancy is 10-13 years.  So we feel blessed!

For the past year, our home has been set-up kinda like an assisted living facility for senior pets.  For many people the last years of life are often filled with “how can I care for them,” “am I doing what is best for my pet,” “how do we manage the $$’s,” and oh do we deal with caregiver burn out!

I will share what I know, what Rigel has taught us, and where my dearest husband has provided valuable insight and knowledge that sometimes has escaped all of us including his treatment team.

Where to start? Rigel’s say mom that easy…finding a good treatment team, tell them about that!  So stay tuned for the next post!

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