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Welcome to Shari’s 411 Blog…..

Ok…this is my second attempt at blogging, my original blog site was difficult to manage because I didn’t understand how all this “stuff” worked in the “Virtual World of the Internet.”  Not wanting to give up, I reached out to folks that could help me build my confidence, teach me in a way that I could grasp the material, plus allowing myself the opportunity to fail and brush myself off and start again.  BIG thank you’s go to Anita Hicks of Virtual Assistance by Anita and Glenn Garnes of the Village Connector – The “Good News” on-line newspaper in Maryland.

With a fresh sheet of paper in front of me…Shari’s 411 blog starts again. So what will you find here?  As 411 implies – Information on all kinds of topics that I find interesting, what’s happening in the world, and things that make me make me want to take a stand.  And yes, there will be information about the work that I do as a Holistic Practitioner, the clients that I serve and  products that I feel can be of benefit to you, your family and your pets.

I look forward to sharing and I trust that you will tag along with me and provide me feedback on the topics I blog about!


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