Headshot Green DressShari Sternberger, Holistic Practitioner for People, Pets and Plants

Elements of Energy is a natural, holistic health services provider. We offer treatments derived from the intrinsic, vibrational energy of elements found naturally within our environment. We are a trusted source for determining which natural health remedies are right for you, your pets and/or plants.

We offer the following Holistic services:

  • Healing Touch for People and Animals ~ Certified Practitioner
  • Aromatherapy ~ Certified Aromatherapist ~ Creating Custom Blends
  • Sound Therapy with Tones from the Planets via Gongs and Tuning Forks
  • Mayan Light Language ~ Sacred Geometry used to create Healing Grids
  • Color Puncture ~ Primary, Soul Spirit and Grey colors to support the body
  • Eco-Friendly Products for your Home or Business

Consultations and sessions are available from an experienced holistic practitioner in our healing space or over the phone via remote/distance sessions.

The healing space at Elements of Energy was created to exist in harmony with people, nature and animals. Our space is equipped with all of the tools and resources required of each treatment, our healing space is designed to cater to the individual needs of each client. Your holistic practitioner will ensure that every visit is comfortable and targeted to improving your health and wellness. We invite you to learn more about our distinctive healing space.

Natural remedies can be used alone and often in conjunction with conventional medicine, but be sure to check with your physician or veterinarian first. It is our pleasure to educate you on these options within this website, and to be your professional resource in the area of holistic health.

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